5. Troubleshooting

My healthcare professional has told me I will have a myqufora follow up support as I am new to rectal irrigation. What does this involve?

Myqufora can support you and your healthcare professional during the initial stages of commencing rectal irrigation. By providing your email address in addition to your basic details, myqufora will send out a welcome email followed by 5 email questionnaires over a 3 month period. By completing these emails myqufora will be able to assist you should you have any queries and require further support. This additional support may be by email response or by scheduling a call at a convenient time that suits you. This is to ensure you are using your Qufora IrriSedo product correctly, safely and effectively.

Myqufora will not make any changes to your specific bowel management plan and will be able to update your healthcare professional should you have any significant challenges. Your healthcare professional will continue to monitor your care as planned and myqufora is simply that support in-between to assist you.

Remember there is a wealth of information online including step by step videos on how to use each Qufora IrriSedo rectal irrigation products.

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