About Us


Myqufora is operated by MacGregor Healthcare Ltd.
Our aim is to deliver quality medical products and world class service that helps people have a more fulfilled life.
We are guided by our values of being caring, optimistic and passionate.

Myqufora has been developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals and patients.
Supporting you with information, help and advice.
At myqufora we are here for you, supporting your journey.


Myqufora was developed by MacGregor Healthcare Ltd, the UK distributor for Qufora® IrriSedo products, to provide a resource for patients and healthcare professionals using Qufora® IrriSedo rectal irrigation.

The Qufora® IrriSedo range of rectal irrigation products is produced by Qufora A/S and was founded in 2006 by a group of people who envisioned a more dynamic, creative and patient-focused company. With every product the company develops, a better end-user experience and improved quality of life are the ultimate objectives.

MacGregor Healthcare has continued with this same ethos of patient focused care by creating myqufora. Our directors and staff have continued to listen to patients and healthcare professionals and strive to continue to improve an efficient and quality service. With a wide range of experience and expertise in rectal irrigation, myqufora is just the beginning in supporting your journey.


Our team are passionate about assisting patients to use the Qufora IrriSedo products correctly, safely and effectively. Myqufora support have extensive experience in customer care and supporting patients using medical devices.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in rectal irrigation. With comprehensive experience over many years within the field of bowel function, a strong foundation has been built in supporting patients and healthcare professionals.

The team look forward to continuing to work with healthcare professionals and patients, receiving their feedback and suggestions to help shape the future of optimum care.