About us

Commited to healthcare

At myqufora, operated by Qufora Ltd, we’re dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through a unique collaboration with both healthcare professionals and patients. Our approach is guided by key core values: caring, optimism, and passion, and we strive to deliver meaningful support through insightful information, helpful guidance, and expert advice.

Leaders in rectal irrigation

The aim of myqufora is to provide a resource for patients and healthcare professionals who use Qufora IrriSedo rectal irrigation.

Qufora A/S, who develop the Qufora IrriSedo products, was founded in 2006 by a group of individuals who wanted to create a more dynamic, creative, and patient-focused company. Myqufora continues this patient-focused ethos by incorporating feedback from patients and healthcare professionals to improve the service and quality of care.

Our team

Our team at myqufora is passionate about helping patients use Qufora IrriSedo products correctly, safely, and effectively. They have extensive experience in customer care and supporting patients with medical devices. The team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in rectal irrigation, built over many years of working with patients and healthcare professionals. They look forward to continuing to work with healthcare professionals and patients, receiving their feedback and suggestions to shape the future of care.