Bowel problems are common after a stroke.

A stroke can damage a part of the brain that controls your bowels. If after a stroke you have mobility problems, getting to the toilet in time may be difficult. Also being less mobile may cause constipation

Types of bowel problems following a stroke:

  • Faecal incontinence: uncontrolled bowel movement. This can be caused by damage to the part of the brain controlling the bowel. It can also happen if you can’t get to the toilet in time, or if you have diarrhoea or constipation.

  • Constipation with overflow: large stools can get stuck and block the bowel. Liquid stools may flow around it causing watery stools to leak.

  • Faecal impaction: dry, hard stools collect in the bowel. They can press on your bladder and make you feel you need to empty it more often or they can make it more difficult to empty your bladder

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