Constipation is a common symptom and can affect anyone at any age in their life.

It is estimated one in seven of all adults is affected by constipation at any one time. This can sometimes result from a change in diet or inactivity, may correlate with pregnancy and can occur in periods of travel. Generally, these are thought to last for a short period of time, but constipation can also become a chronic condition.

Normal transit constipation

This is when movement of contents in the bowel is not altered, and stool passes through at a normal rate. However, those with this type of chronic constipation may have trouble emptying their bowels eg, harder stools, which are more difficult to pass.


Slow transit constipation

In those with slow-transit constipation, the time taken for stool to pass through the colon is decreased and bowel movements are less frequent, leading to symptoms like straining and harder stools.


Constipation can be treated, seek medical help from your doctor.

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