Advice before starting

Familiarise yourself with your new product

Before you start using your Qufora IrriSedo product, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the system. Practice putting it together and filling it with water, carefully following the step-by-step instructions.

When is the best time to irrigate?

Generally, 20 -30 minutes after a meal or hot drink is a good time to irrigate to take advantage of the gastro-colic reflex. Following breakfast can be an ideal time. However, we understand that mornings might be busy for you. What is important is that irrigation fits into your lifestyle so you choose the best time.

Continue with your usual bowel medication

When you first start irrigation, it is important to continue taking any bowel medication as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Once you have established a regular irrigation routine, it may be possible to adjust your medication accordingly. Your healthcare professional will advise you about this.

Support Line

Call our freephone support line for advice and information