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myqufora is here to support your journey when using a Qufora IrriSedo system, whether you have just started or are experienced with irrigation, you will find something to help and interest you.

We will help you to develop your skills and gain the knowledge to achieve the best results using your Qufora IrriSedo system.

The myqufora expert team have extensive experience in customer care and supporting patients using medical devices. We are passionate about assisting patients to use their Qufora IrriSedo products correctly, safely and effectively.

New & Improved Cone for Mini

To make our MiniGo and MiniGo flex cones even more effective we have improved it with our most advanced and comfortable cone design ever. Your updated cones will now have a round tip and all-around water outlets. The size of the cone is still exactly the same and still has the same smooth lubrication.

The new round tip is designed for maximum comfort during insertion and removal of the cone and the new outlet design delivers water with a gentle show effect in all directions, supporting the feeling of thorough water coverage in the rectum.

When I squeeze the pump there is more water pressure and I feel "cleaner" then when I use the current cone. Cleaner - like it's getting into every nook and cranny.


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“An easy routine to keep my dignity…”

“An easy routine to keep my dignity…”

We just wanted to say how much your product has meant to both to myself and my husband. My previous job

Catching up with PJ & Jack

Catching up with PJ & Jack

These two young lads, PJ, and Jack, both hailing from Cork, faced unexpected life-altering spinal cord injuries. Their friendship began

Welcome to The Gut Hut!

Welcome to The Gut Hut!

Launching an educational and fun space where making friends with your bowel and poo is normal! In June 2023, we


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