Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel abroad with Qufora IrriSedo rectal irrigation?

Yes, you can travel! If you are travelling abroad, we would advise that you ensure that you split your supplies across your hand and hold luggage (just in case anything does not arrive!) Likewise, we would suggest that you take a few extra supplies in case of any delays at your destination.

One thing to be aware of when you take your system abroad is the water quality – if you can drink the tap water then this is fine to use for irrigation. Should you be in any doubt, cooled boiled water can also be used as well as bottled water – remember that this should be lukewarm, similar to the temperature of a baby bath (36-38 degrees).

You should also be mindful that if you are travelling to a different time zone, this may take your bowel some time to get used to your new regime.

Myqufora also offer travel certificates for your products – this explains in various languages what these products are should these be questioned. To obtain a certificate, please contact the team using the details on the Contact Us page.