Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Qufora IrriSedo?

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New to Qufora IrriSedo?
You need to be assessed and then shown how to use the Qufora IrriSedo products safely by a qualified healthcare professional before you use our products. They are only available on prescription. Your healthcare professional will write to your GP once you have had your assessment and been shown how to use irrigation. Your GP will continue prescribing it for you.

If you have heard about Qufora IrriSedo products and would like to know more and how to get them, you can Contact Us here for advice.

We recommend that you visit your GP, who can advise you and refer you, through a referral process, to a hospital clinic or community clinic that specialises in bowel issues.

Please do remember that Qufora IrriSedo products are professional medical devices and should only be attained through prescription services. We strongly advise you not to purchase these online through second-hand selling for your own safety and wellbeing.