2. Using your Qufora

Will I need to keep rushing to the toilet after I irrigate?

In general, rectal irrigation should not routinely cause urgency and frequency afterwards. Many people find irrigation easy to do right from the start and their bowel symptoms are relieved very quickly. For some others this may take a little longer. Whilst you are in the early stage of rectal irrigation it may take some practice before having complete clearance and the desired effect. Therefore, you may find you have to return to the toilet in the early days if you have not achieved this. Depending on which Qufora® IrriSedo system you use will depend how long you should sit on the toilet after irrigation.  Overall, the Qufora® IrriSedo Mini system uses a small volume of water and can have more rapid results. The Qufora® IrriSedo cone, balloon and bed uses larger volumes of water can increase the time up to 30 minutes and occasionally longer dependent on your symptoms. Most of this time is actually waiting for the bowel to empty not actually doing the procedure. Your healthcare professional will discuss this with you on your initial assessment.

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