“An easy routine to keep my dignity…”

We just wanted to say how much your product has meant to both to myself and my husband.
My previous job as a colorectal nurse practitioner often meant having to talk to patients about the new changes to their bodies as well as in their toilet regimes, especially concerning incontinence, etc.
Part way through my nursing, I had a spinal cord injury, resulting in becoming a wheelchair user and being doubly incontinent, therefore myself having to learn new ways of coping with toileting in a completely different way, but I learnt to cope with this.
Unfortunately, five years ago, I was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, but with my husband’s help and care, we both coped fairly well with the constant changes this new journey brought us both. Sadly, a part of having my Alzheimer’s is that I focus constantly on something if it’s on my mind and much to my poor husband’s distress, I started going to the toilet up to 20 times a day, trying to manually evacuate my bowels each time. My husband, not knowing what to do, contacted our local incontinence team, who came and visited a few days later; after listening to our worries and concerns suggested that we use your product the ‘Qufora Irrisedo Minigo Flex’.
The nurses left us with some samples and a regime to follow, which we implemented the following morning; well, what can we both say… What a difference it has made to both of us… So much so that we were both in tears, lol (good ones, we might add), and from that morning over four months ago, I have gone once a day every day (even with the added bonus of being able to go naturally once in a while without using your product… Though I still use it due to my journey and to keep to a routine).
With my Alzheimer’s journey, I need consistency, and my husband and future carers need an easy routine to keep my dignity and, of course, my self-respect. So again, we just want to say thank you on behalf of both of us.
Finally, if I had to say to someone considering using this system is just to try it, try not to worry or get anxious; it is something that may work straight away as it did for me or it may take a little longer, but make sure you talk to someone either way don’t give up.

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