The Power of Support

Everyone needs that support, even if at first you don’t think you do. Look around. See who’s on your side and in your corner. You don’t have to go it alone.

At myqufora we are here to help and support those who use our Qufora IrriSedo rectal irrigation systems. We are here to support those new to rectal irrigation and those who are more established, although may have questions or concerns.

The first thing to remember if you are looking for support, do not be embarrassed – everyone needs to poo – FACT!

Bowel issues can occur in all ages and in both males and females, and this is something that is seen by healthcare professionals and GPs frequently. If you feel you are experiencing bowel habits which seem a little out of the ordinary, contact your GP who can assess your symptoms and if necessary, they will refer you for further support from a continence team or hospital. The myqufora support team can also provide support and guidance on the process.

Starting your irrigation journey

Do not worry if your doctor or GP has not heard of rectal irrigation. Rectal irrigation (sometimes called anal irrigation, bowel irrigation or trans-anal irrigation) has been practiced for many hundreds of years.

Over recent years, it has been more widely used as a bowel management solution. If your GP would like any information about irrigation or our Qufora systems, contact us and we would be happy to send a letter with information over. Additionally, you can speak to your GP and ask to be referred to a specialist clinic for assessment.

After your healthcare professional has prescribed you the Qufora IrriSedo system and/or set you up for our Qufora Direct home delivery service (this service is not available in the Republic of Ireland), you will receive a support call approximately 14 days afterwards from the myqufora support team. Going forward you can discuss how often you would like support calls from them. We can call or email you.

We have had great feedback from people who have used our support service:

  • 76% Felt confident after contact from the myqufora team compared to 41% before contact.

  • 94% Thought that the myqufora team were helpful and friendly.

  • 91% Felt that the myqufora team provided useful / helpful information.

If you have been prescribed a Qufora IrriSedo system, you can register yourself for free myqufora support even if you get your system from another home delivery service, or direct from a pharmacy.

Looking for further support putting your system together?

Qufora IrriSedo is designed to be easy to use but when you first start to use irrigation, don’t worry if you are unsure. There are step by step videos for each product on our website, see below.

We can also guide you via a telephone call or live chat

If you need further assistance, we can provide advice on putting the system together and techniques. Be re-assured that using rectal irrigation system takes practice until you find your own routine and we are here to support you at myqufora.

Record your progress

If you are looking to keep track of how your bowel management is going, you can record how your symptoms affect you in your own bowel diary which allows you to see the improvements of using Qufora IrriSedo rectal irrigation over time. It is also helpful to show your healthcare professional when you visit for follow up appointments to review your progress.

Looking for support from someone going through the same experience?

Talking to those going through similar experiences can be a lifeline for people looking for others to share and relate to. Due to the taboo nature of bowel dysfunction, talking about this to even your closest friends and family can feel challenging. Talking to those going through the same problems can lift this taboo/anxiety and offer a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings.

Take at look at The Qufora Twins who met online after discovering they used the same irrigation system for the identical chronic illness. This instantly bonded the girls together and they now call themselves ‘Bowel Besties’, offering each other a kind of support network they felt from nowhere else.

Watch the Qufora Twins story to hear the girls talk about how they support each other when we arranged for them to meet in person for the first time.

You can Contact Us here if you would like any further support on any of the topics discussed above or if you would like to be registered.