Keeping your Qufora IrriSedo System in Top Condition

Your Qufora IrriSedo system is designed to be simple to use and easy to look after. There are only 3 things you need to consider in order to care for your system:

  • Where to store your Qufora IrriSedo system
  • How to clean your Qufora IrriSedo system
  • When to replace your Qufora IrriSedo system

We have some straightforward top tips to help you answer these questions…

Storing your Qufora IrriSedo system

Storing your product discreetly may be something you’ve thought about a lot or something that didn’t spring to mind. However, this does not need to be difficult; you can store your product out of sight and out of mind or display it proudly. Qufora IrriSedo systems are designed so they can be stored away conveniently, whether this is plain sight, in a bathroom cabinet, in a random box under your bed, in the packaging it arrived in, or the toiletry bag provided. Regardless of where you store your system, ensure its location is practical and works for you.
Top tip

Store your system away from heat and direct sunlight.

Cleaning your Qufora IrriSedo system

Cleaning your Qufora Irrisedo system after every use does not require much effort as all systems are quick and easy to clean. While this step may be tempting to skip, it is important to ensure your product lifespan is maximised.  

Water bags: To clean your water bag, rinse and dry the bag and store ensuring the cap is left off and the valve is open. Water bags should be changed every 30 days for Qufora IrriSedo Flow or Qufora IrriSedo Cone systems and every 15 days for Qufora IrriSedo Klick, Qufora IrriSedo Balloon, or Qufora IrriSedo Bed to prevent any mould or moisture occurring inside of the bag. 

Pump/Control Unit: Clean the exterior of the pump or control unit with lukewarm water and soap, then leave to dry. Leave the control unit on number 1 to allow air to flow through. 

Tubing: Ensure all water is drained from tubing which, if required, can be achieved by hanging the bag and tubing on the hook supplied. 

Top tip

To help prevent potential deterioration, hang the bag up out of direct sunlight with the cap/lid open and ensure the purple valve is left open after your irrigation to allow air to flow through the system.

How to dispose of cones/catheters?

After use, the cone or catheter should be discarded. They are SINGLE use only and must not be used again, as the lubricated hydrophilic coating is only effective for one use. If reused, the cone or catheter will not have an effective insertion and may cause discomfort. The catheter or cone can be discarded in the pouch provided and disposed of in your household waste. Please note that these products cannot be recycled at present.

Replacing your Qufora IrriSedo system

Each system has slightly different replacement guidance. Below is a list of when each part of your system should be replaced, just look for the system you are currently using:

Cone – single use only
Flex cone – single use only
Mini pump – replace every 30 days

Cone – single use only
Mini pump – replace every 30 uses
Extension tube – single use only

Cone – single use only
Water bag – replace every 30 uses

Water bag – replace every 15 uses
Catheters – single use only
Control unit – replace every 3 months (if irrigating daily) or every 6 months (if irrigating on alternate days)

Cone – single use only
Water bag – every 30 days

Water bag – replace every 15 days
Catheters – single use only
Control unit – replace every 3 months (if irrigating daily) or every 6 months (if irrigating on alternate days)

Water bag – replace every 15 days
Collection bag – single use
Catheter – single use only

How do you get replacements for your Qufora IrriSedo system

You can either get your products delivered free to your home or go to the Pharmacy with your prescription and they will order them. Patients in the UK can also use a home delivery service. Our home delivery service, Qufora Direct can deliver you discreetly packaged supplies to an address of your choosing (this service is not available in the Republic of Ireland).  

Top tip

It is important to make sure you get your supplies regularly and on time. You can set up a monthly reminder from Qufora Direct where they can either text, call or email you to remind you to order supplies.

If you think you might run out of your supplies, contact your delivery service or pharmacy for more advice. You can also contact myqufora here.