“I can dance and prance with confidence”

Denise’s experience with Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo Flex

At age 55 years, Denise was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse. This caused problems with bowel emptying frequent (unsuccessful) toilet visits and episodes of faecal leakage. She wouldn’t leave the house for more than an hour at a time, due to anxiety about getting to a toilet and having accidents. Her symptoms, and the low mood it caused, stopped her doing the things she enjoyed including going on walking holidays.

After years of trying to ‘manage’ her bowels, Denise had surgery to correct the prolapse, but symptoms of incontinence remained. She saw a physiotherapist for advice about pelvic floor exercises and it was at this time she was introduced to Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo Flex. With support, after about 2 months, she got into a daily routine. Denise says:

“These daily rectal washouts changed the quality of my life. It took me and my bowel a little while to get used to doing it and I nearly gave up initially. However, the support team spoke to me and suggested that I use the product at the same time every day, as the bowel likes a regular pattern. They were right. A daily routine is important. It took about 2 months for me to begin to feel secure but now I can go out all day walking with no worries about incontinence.

I also take part in Zumba classes and ballroom and Latin dancing, and I now have no worries there either. I can dance and prance about with confidence, knowing that I am not going to leak. The washouts have encouraged my bowel to empty in the morning as well. I no longer have a niggling desire to go to the toilet all the time. I just go out and enjoy myself. I still wear a mini pad just in case but most of the time I could go without to be honest.

I also used to suffer with irritable bowel symptoms such as bloating and cramps. I don’t have any of this now. My bowel is like well-oiled machine! Using the washout daily has encouraged my bowel to empty properly once a day. Sometimes twice.

I am about to go on my first walking holiday to Lake Garda in Italy. That’s how confident I now am. Qufora Customer service provided me with a travel certificate stating that I have to medical appliance. This is just in case there are any queries about what’s in my case. I just asked my GP to sign it.

Using the MiniGo Flex system is so easy, once you get into the swing of it. You do have to allow time in the morning to complete the routine. It’s no good hurriedly doing it 5 mins before going out of the house. I allow an hour before going out. The procedure itself only takes 5 mins though and no-one would know what you are doing in the 100.

Following the washout, I keep active so that my bowel has a chance to settle. I usually have a shower, do the washing up or busy myself with something in the house. Then by the time I leave the house I feel very confident that my bowel is going to behave itself!”

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