“I feel I have my life back”

I have recently started to use your Qufora IrriSedo Mini system which has made a significant difference to my day-to-day living, confidence and dignity. So impressed am I about your product, I wanted to share my story which might give some encouragement to your patients and health profession contacts alike.

I am currently under the care of a Professor in Neurology at one of the UKs leading neuro centres of excellence. I’m am being provided with support to manage the ongoing physical effects of a back trauma which has resulted in permanent nerve damage. The nerve damage is impacting on the mobility of my legs and feet, but is also the same nerve stem that feeds my bladder and bowel functions.

The bowel problem I have suffered has had a significant impact on my work life, home life, confidence and dignity which has also caused some mental challenges. The Professor of Neurology who I was referred to recognised all my symptoms, but in respect of my bowel management recommended your product.

I reluctantly started to use the product with some trepidation, but quickly got into a routine that fits my lifestyle, and don’t exaggerate when I say that I feel I have my life back. The difference this has made to my physical and mental wellbeing has surprised and staggered me.

For anybody out there who might be suffering with bowel management issues and recognise some or all of what I have said, I would not hesitate to recommend your easy to use product, which once you have the right routine for you, will make such a difference to your lifestyle. My only regret is that I didn’t know about your Qufora IrriSedo Mini system sooner.

Thanks you for the difference this has made for me.

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