“There’s a lot less laundry to do!”

At Denmark’s Hedeland Healthcare Centre for elderly and disabled people, one 37-year-old patient has being suffering from the effects of a tumour in the spine for some 20 years. One consequence of the tumour was faecal incontinence.

The patient had tried a number of medical treatment options, but none had any significant effect. This resulted in the patient becoming depressed and increasingly isolated socially. After consulting with a doctor and a nurse, the centre staff decided to try irrigation using the Qufora® IrriSedo Mini System.

The centre staff taught the patient’s home carers how to use the system, and after finding the right daily routine, the patient found she no longer required medical treatment for her incontinence.

As a result, she is no longer afraid of embarrassing accidents, she is going out and socialising more, and she has recovered much of her old spirit. It doesn’t hurt, the patient says, that there’s a lot less laundry to do as well.

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