‘Oh, such amazing relief it has given me’ – A Cone User’s Story

“It sat on my bedroom floor for 3 months before I decided to use. Oh, such amazing relief it has given me.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Colo-Rectal cancer in early June of 2019, and because the cancer was low down and affected the rectal area I ended with a temporary bag which was then reversed 3 months later in September of 2019. This was called a Low Anterior Resection. This was when all the problems began.

I am a very fit 70 year old who goes to the Gym, Swims plays Tennis and Golf and have no weight problems. Initially, immediately after the resection I was on the BRAT diet akin to what babies would be on ie carrots parsnips white rice, bread; no Green and only certain fruits without skin etc. I was religious about doing all I needed to recover but I was going to the Bathroom sometimes 15/20 times a night and more during the day.

How I ended up getting Qufora was, I was so badly constipated and the pressure to go to the bathroom was unbearable and I needed relief.

As I said originally the Qufora system sat on the floor in my bathroom. I now use it most nights before bed and now I can usually get a nights sleep without having to go to the toilet. If I’m going out at night, I might use the system a few hours before to get relief. I do have to pair the system with the use of Imodium which is another life saver.

Qufora has given me a much better quality of life than I might have had. I use Qufora IrriSedo with cone.

I had been told that LARS gets better after about a year. I haven’t really found that despite doing all my pelvic floor exercises and visiting Physio and Dietician, so Qufora looks like it will be lifelong.

I would advise all those with bowel problems that these systems are life changing I have never turned down any social or sporting activity once I plan in advance.”

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