Qufora has been life changing!

I wanted to write to tell you our experience using rectal irrigation with the Qufora IrriSedo. Everyone’s experience is different, but our lives have been so improved by using this form of bowel management with my son.

My son Mason is now 10 and for his whole life he has had constipation problems. This has caused lots of pain and discomfort for him. We have been under many different doctors from the London area. We have been given different medicine to try and different test etc, nothing seemed to really work. We had 10 plus nappy changes a day. Mason constantly woke throughout the night in pain and discomfort.

When a doctor said Mason would need an “ACE procedure” (surgery to make a hole in the bowel to flush it). I cried and cried it would be too much for Mason with all his other needs (ASD, L1Cam rear genetic disorder) myself and Masons dad spoke between ourselves and asked the doctors “where is the middle ground”? Using shop bought medication then straight to an ACE didn’t seem right.

This is where the dream came true and we were told about “Qufora rectal irrigation”. It’s been life changing for us.

Before using Qufora, Mason was in nappies as his bowels just would leak or overflow and he was never able to do any type of “normal” bowel movement, after the very first time using Qufora he has never worn a nappy and always had clean pants. Not once since using Qufora has Mason had one accident. He is now nappy free, and dry at nights.

When we as a family first heard about Qufora we really wanted and prayed it would work as doctors really wanted Mason to have an ACE button fitted and we were so against it. Mason wasn’t too sure the first time using it, so we watched the video, and let him feel it all in his hands and play around with it. This really helped Mason, as things are more visual for him with his ASD.

At the moment I’m still helping Mason to use the Qufora, but I definitely think over time he will be able to do it all on his own, it’s that easy. We currently use Qufora every other day which is working great, we use around 600ml of water.

We feel anyone who has any bowel problems should be able to try Qufora or be told about it, as we really had no idea things like this existed. As a family we are now confident to go out more, we have also booked swimming lessons for Mason. Honestly, I cannot thank Qufora enough.


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