Qufora Twin Story

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Finding someone who can fully understand the condition you live with feels impossible – not even your closest family can relate. It can feel unimaginable to have the opportunity to connect with someone who you can turn to for support and understand what you’re going through completely.

Over the last two years Laura and Chloe have connected on social media over their condition and the use of our product, and now call each other the Qufora Twins. They both:

  • Use the same Qufora IrriSedo system
  • Have the same hidden chronic illness
  • Experience the same symptoms

But they live on the opposite side of the country from each other so have never been able to meet face to face. So, the question was how do we get them across the country to the same place?

Late August 2022, we made it happen.

Meet Chloe and Laura – The Qufora Twins

Chloe and Laura spoke about the different types of support they give each other and the ups and downs of living with their bowel problems.

We closely followed the support the girls give each other and knew that to make this relationship stronger we had to bring the girls together in person.

Supporting each other

The myqufora support team understands that travelling with a bowel condition can be challenging – no two days are the same. So, to make this happen was easier said than done.

Having bowel dysfunction is now their normal, and asking each other ‘how are your bowels today?’ is just like asking someone ‘how are you today?’ Their positivity and openness on the subject is admirable. Their meeting shows how normal and funny talking about your bowels can be – it’s their take on the taboo.

Let’s talk about regime

Despite their similarities, Chloe and Laura have each found novel ways to help their own irrigation regimes. Everyone’s daily routine will be different. What works for one person might not for another. And every day and situation can be different too. But using irrigation for as long as they have means they have been able to understand and adapt – in their own unusual way.

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